Beneath The Rose

No one’s quit sure how Mrs. Annabelle Cullen died that night, but screams had been heard from every direction. It’s rather sad to say no one could see her body the day of the funeral, why no one truly knows. Had Annabelle Cullen been madly slaughtered? Was her body so terrible that nightmares would haunt you in your dreams forever? Unsure what lies beneath at this point in time.

The women her self was strange being a small, fat woman in black, with a thin gold chain descending to her waist and vanishing into her belt. Her skeleton was small and spare; perhaps that was why what would have been merely plumpness in another was obesity in her. She looked bloated, like a body long submerged in motionless water, and of that pallid hue. Her eyes, lost in the fatty ridges of her face, looked like two small pieces of coal pressed into a lump of dough. It’s rather very hard to find this women attractive by any means, even harder to believe she was once more prepossessing then Aphrodite herself.

Annabelle lived at the end of the block away from everyone in a square eldritch rather large house, almost looking like a Victorian style Mansion. The house itself dated way back, the framework metallic black paint chipping here and there, with its apple white

paint job. A rod iron fence wrapping around the entire territory a latch keeping the unwanted out and away from the secrets not wanting to be unraveled.

Now that Annabelle was gone, everyone was intrigued in finding out what lied behind that latched fence. They still saw the servant walking in and out of the eldritch Victorian house now and again, no one really understood why he was still there if he had no one to care for. Until that night the smell of blood and repugnant smell of death floated up and down the streets, making everyone close their windows, and walk faster while in the streets.

She watched as people passed the rod iron fence stopping and peering in at what lied in the territory. She dropped the curtain and sauntered through the empty house, sauntering down the creaky narrow and steep staircase tracing the wall as she sauntered her way to the last step. “Good morning Madam.” A tall skinny darker skinned man said, looking to be in his 20’s. “Good morning Xavier.” She said rhythmic. “Lovely day it is, isn’t it Madam?” Xavier interrogated politely. “Yes, Yes it is.” Annabelle said thoughtfully. “What are you’re plans for today Xavier?” Annabelle asked thoughtfully again. “Running some errands ma’am.” Xavier answered glazing up the stairs. “I see.” Annabelle said sauntering away. “I think I’ll go out and pick some roses today.” Annabelle replied grabbing her purse and black coat. “You stay out of trouble now.” Annabelle said over her shoulder as she opened the door. “Yes ma’am.” Xavier replied watching Annabelle as she closed the door behind her, he waited a few moments until he heard soft hums and went about up the stairs.

“The smell it’s awful you must please come and find what it is, we’ve tried everything to get ride of it but every night it’s the same thing…” An elder man spoke through the phone. “Why us?” A young man interrogated. “Cause it’s not just the god awful smell from the house, it’s just everything that’s happening or has happened ever since… Look can you get the job done or not?” The elder man interrogated. “Yes we can get the job done we’ll be there at dawn.” The younger man said. Then there was a click of the phone as the young man turned and sighed. “Well gang looks like we have another mystery on our hands…” A tall blond young man said looking to everyone in the room. “What’s the case this time Freddy?” A short pail dark haired woman said, pushing her glasses up on her nose. “I don’t know but it sounds unpleasant…” Freddy said rubbing his chin and raising an eyebrow. “Nah ugh! No more! I’m not going I’m staying right here. I’m not going to be chased once again by ghosts.” A tall light brown haired young man said. “Come on Shaggy it’s better to go with us, then stay here alone with god only knows what.” The short pail dark haired woman said pulling out a box. “But… But… But Velma…” Shaggy said. “You wont even go for a Scooby snack?” Velma asked shaking the box. “Rooby snack!” A dark brown dog said. “That a boy Scooby.” Velma said tossing a treat to him. “Come on Raggy.” Scooby said nudging him. “Oh alright, but can I have the box?” Shaggy pleaded. “Catch.” Velma said tossing it to Shaggy. “Hey Scooby that’s not fair!” Shaggy said as Scooby snatched the box as it went flying through the air.

That night it had been cold, and quiet. There was a cold draft whispering through the house. As if trying to say something but to faint to even hear. All that was heard was faint footsteps clicking on the stairs as Annabelle fumbled in the darkness. She crept her way into her room, lighting a candle; it glistened and lit up the dark, unforgiven room. In her hands she healed a bouquet of red roses, the scent of them filling the air. She sighed… This one’s for you dear happy anniversary… She thought to herself staring at the pail figure lying in the bed. The body was stiff… if more so dead would be the correct answer; he lay there motionless and cold to the touch. She bent down and kissed him on the lips feeling a bit of force back; her eyes flew open as she fell backwards to the ground. Roses went flying everywhere, petals floating throughout the air, as bits of them were lying crushed on the floor. She touched her lips as blood trickled down her fingertips. “My god…” She said prostration ripping through her entire body. “Miss me love?” A rhythmic velvet soft voice sang out. She began to tremble, shoving her body into the corner by the window, “But… But… Your dead!! This is just a dream… It’s nothing but a mad, mad dream gone terribly wrong.” She said as her voice quivered. “I’ll say…” The voice said the sound of his lips smacking together. “Love it’s been what now 40 years?” The velvet voice sang out again. “This is nothing but a bad dream… He’s not alive, he can’t be I killed him!” She said rocking back and fourth on the floor as if insane. The voice chuckled finding the sight pleasing. “Indeed love I am dead… But I must correct you this is not a dream, this is real… And you’ve just happened to piss me off!” The voice ripped out a deep growl in the darkness. “All these years and you’ve slept with my body… What kind of mad, crazy, sick, bitch are you!?” The voice growled out again, his voice making the floors shake.

Her neck snapped up and searched for him in the shadows, “Excuse me? Who are you calling a bitch?” He laughed, “Who’s the only person in here besides me? Huh? That would be you… Now wouldn’t it? Now Annabelle if you’d please tell me why exactly you consisted on killing me and keeping my body here with you? Where you pretty much what raped my poor helpless body?” His voice sang out interrogationd. “Simple as this Joseph you wouldn’t give me what I wanted… So I did what I had too…” She blurted out angrily now, how dare he ask about her business. “So you poisoned me… Because I wouldn’t give you what you wanted? Ha! Boy that’s a story; the kids will just love that. Why did I ever marry a blob like you? You aren’t pretty anymore, each year you’ve gotten uglier and uglier. That gorgeous golden hair of yours is now nothing but a gray greasy mop on your dry pruned head. Your once thin skinny body now nothing but 4 layers of cake, with the god-awful smell of rotting sweat. You once smelled so sweet and now I don’t even want to come near you. Face it you’re getting old, and I’m forever young. Let me tell you I love it! Now I can be with a woman twice as gorgeous you once were, and I can just keep moving on and on, from woman to woman once they become blobs like you.” He chuckled enjoying every thought, and every word spoken. She searched for his body somewhere in the darkness. Suddenly the candle was lit again, the light tracing his face sparkling in the candlelight, his teeth glowing a blinding white. He sat there on the bed watching her, waiting for her to spit something out, just anything something a great comeback at his insulting. Silence filled the room for a very long time Joseph continued to study Annabelle still waiting for her response his body not moving an inch. “Well are you going to say something or not?” He said staring deep into her eyes, attempting to push

words out of her mouth. “All these years Joseph… You pretended to be dead… I don’t understand.” She said tears starting to build up. “I’m a vampire incase you haven’t noticed, I’m already dead. Ha! I’m a walking dead body. Xavier’s been my supplier all these years, donating his own blood to clench my thirst. Why did I pretend you ask? I pretended because I wanted to know how insane you truly were. Let me tell you Annabelle you have problems, very bad, gross, unimaginable problems. You’re just sick… No you’re not sick you’re indisposed.” He said scrunching his nose up just thinking about everything she did. “I’m sorry love… But a woman like you just should not live in this world… I promise to be quick about it.” He said jumping to his feet, reaching for her arm twisting it, and sinking his teeth into her neck. Annabelle screamed loudly then dropped to the floor, her floppy doll like body just lying there. Joseph spat out some of the blood, and coughed yuck salty he thought to himself. He sighed staring at his wife’s dead body lying on the cold ground. He picked her up and laid her in the bed eyeing a single rose with its steam broken and petals torn lying on the floor by the bed. He picked it up feeling the softness of the petals against his fingertips and laid it on Annabelle’s chest, he then placed her hands resting on her stomach. I truly am sorry love but it had to be this way… What you did to me I can’t forgive, and I can’t let that happen to anyone else that lies under your mystic spell. Rot in hell my sweet… I wont be seeing you any time soon. Joseph thought to himself. “I’m sorry sir things had to go that way…” Xavier said peering in by the doorway. “Xavier if you’d please get ride of her body… Make my bite marks not exists I don’t care what you do to her body… Just make it look like I don’t know… burn her I guess… anything to get ride of the bite marks.” Joseph said turning away.

Dawn came as a green van pulled up in front of the aged, burned, Victorian house. “This the place Freddy?” Velma asked glancing around. “Yup this is it the Cullen’s house.” Freddy said helping a tall red haired woman out of the van. “Ewww this place is gross and creepy.” The tall red haired woman said. “Like I’m with Daphne on this one… I’m not stepping one foot in there…” Shaggy said peeking out of the van. “Come on guys this mystery has to be solved some time or another.” Velma said climbing the iron fence. “Then that some time can be a year from now…” Shaggy said beginning to close the van door. “Nah ugh! You’re coming too and helping.” Daphne said catching the door. They all climbed the iron fence and walked towards the front door. “Can we get facts straight before we go in there?” Daphne asked whipping her hand on her skirt. “Well from what they’ve told us the house caught on fire, the wife Annabelle Cullen had died in her bed burned to death, their servant has been seen walking in and out of the place when there’s no one even living in it, then one day he vanishes, and now there’s been horrible smells coming from the house and no one knows what it is, and everyone’s terrified to even step foot near the house… So they left that job for us to find out.” Velma said adjusting her glasses. Suddenly a loud noise was heard. “Lunch time already Scooby?” Shaggy asked looking at Scooby. “Sorry guys but lunch will have to wait…” Velma said grabbing Shaggy’s shirt and Scooby’s collar. Freddy opened the door and lead the way into the dark, cobweb-infested house. The smell of burned wood filled the dusty air. “Let’s go to where Annabelle had died, which is up stairs in the master bedroom.” Daphne said leading the way. She began walking up the stairs, just as one of the stairs broke through as Daphne pressed her weight on it. “You okay?” Freddy asked as he caught Daphne by the arm.

“I’m fine…” Daphne said avoiding the step and continuing on. They entered into the master bedroom, finding the bed which use to be red was now black and empty. Velma began walking around the room stepping on something and hearing the crunch under her foot. She bent down and picked up a single rose, it’s steam broken, petals torn and burnt. “Jinky’s” She said thinking. “RRRRRRagggyyyy!!!!” Scooby said his voice shaking as rose pedals blew across the floor. Rot in hell my sweet. The words read on the floor. “Jinky’s” Velma said wide-eyed. “Let’s get out of here!” Shaggy said running with Scooby right behind him. Suddenly the smell of smoke was in the air as the gang coughed and rushed out of the house. They ran outside and the house started burning up in flames right before their eyes. “Well there goes that mystery…” Freddy said disappointed. A young man wearing a black cloak walked by them, “What a shame… The house was so gorgeous” He said shaking his head as he passed by. The gang stood there and watched as he walked farther away from them, dropping something along his way. Freddy ran and picked it up before he could say anything the young man was gone nowhere to be seen. “Where’d he go?” Daphne asked. “He was just here…” Freddy said looking around confused. “What did he drop?” Velma asked looking at what Freddy was holding. Freddy healed out his hand, in it laid a single rose it’s steam broke, petals torn and burned. A note was tied to the rose. In neat hand writing it read rot in hell.



“Izzi are you listening?”

I heard a deep soft voice say. I blinked as I stared at the tall, sandy blonde hair, green- eyed boy. His eyebrows narrowed waiting for an answer.

“No sir… My mind was elsewhere…”

I answered feeling bad that I hadn’t listened to him.

“Izzi I’m not just speaking to hear myself… What I’m telling you can very much save your life someday… I don’t want to see you fail… Maybe even loose your life… Now please pay attention.”

I sighed again still feeling bad that I had not even a clue what he had said…

“Yes Vincent…”

He smiled seeing that I was trying, nodded and turned back to the others.

You are young Izzy but some day you will understand… I just need you to pay as much attention as you can I don’t want to loose you my dear… I closed my eyes taking in every word he had just thought and sent to me. I didn’t want to disappoint him… And I had to show him I was ready…

Hatters Treats

coffee1I saw her sitting there in the booth, her honey blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun, glasses sitting on her nose, coffee in hand and a sketchbook sprawled open to a page she was currently working on.  My curiosity got the best of me, as I struggled to breath, my heart spattering and fluttering with every step I took towards her table.  


Cool it Hatter…  Don’t scare the poor girl now…


I sighed as I finally stood at her table.  She froze on her drawing she was working on, and looked up, her baby blue eyes growing wide, and a slight pink spreading across her cheeks.  I smiled at her, which only lead her to raise her eyebrow in question towards me.


“How are you today Alison?”


I spoked trying to keep my voice from cracking.  She smiled slightly, and dropped her pen infront of her neatly on the table.  She stared at it for a few moments debating on how to respond to me.


“I’m actually very good, Allan.  Thank you for asking.”  She smiled as she froze, thinking of what to say to me next.  
“Robbi wants me to come in a few minutes early tonight at the rabbit hole… So I thought I’d come here and enjoy some coffee before I head out there.” large


writing prompt

Writing Prompt describe a place, the smells, and what you see.

coffee1The scent of vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon filled my nose. Causing my mouth to instantly water. I bit my lip resisting the urge to walk to the front counter and press my nose up to the glass, trying to get a good look at the hidden surprises behind its locked domain. Instead I walked quickly away to my booth that was in it’s own corner seated just across from a large looking window. I Booth was quiet being away from everyone’s lingering voices and a speaker lay just above, jazz music filling my ears blocking out the random annoying chatter going on around the other side of the booth.

Hatters Treats

large“your late”
I heard a strong, concerned voice say from behind me, as I stashed my purse and coat into my locker.
“sorry I guess I just lost track of time…”
I spoke in a whisper biting my bottom lip, keeping myself from looking into the males blue eyes.
“Alissa you know you are to clock in at 5 and be here 15 minutes sooner… I need as much help as I can get…”
he spoke sternly crossing his arms to his chest as I peeked at him through my bangs that managed to fall into my face.

Beauty & The Beast cont.

Faces I did not even care to know all smiled and greeted me as I made my way down the stairwell, the room was lit by a giant chandelier hanging just in the middle of the ball room, everyone dressed properly and festive.  Knowing that everyone had pulled out their best suit and gown to wear tonight in hopes to attract my eye.  I sighed making eye contact with a few of them as they wished me happy birthday, a little glimmer of hope that I’d acknowledge their presence and their wishes, not feeling a need to thank them I only smiled and continued making my way to my spot by the fireplace.  Feeling their eyes linger on my back, waiting patiently for me to turn around and make conversation.  I sighed hunching my shoulders and rocking on my heels, trying any way I could to block the voices that were now becoming too loud.  

   Noise.  Voices. Chatter.  Call it what you like…  But there’s no drowning out how annoying and overly irritating it is, no matter how hard you try to close your eyes, and block everything out.  The worst part of it all trying to be sane while it rattled and burst through either side of your head.  I groaned squeezing my temples on either side with my finger tips, and placing the cold beer bottle where the migraine now pulsed on the right side of my face.  


“Cold stone.”

A male’s voice said just behind me, his voice almost spatting and hissing at my back.

“Excuse me?”

I said looking over my shoulder, not bothering to give him my full undivided attention.


“Cold stone territory.  A place this lucky bar happens to be placed on.  So you loner. Rogue. Mutt.  Whatever you call yourself happens to be trespassing.  So you have five seconds to hightail your ass off our territory.”


“I believe my name’s Daemon.  And a hi, how are you would actually be pleasant to hear for once.  And you can go back and tell your alpha I’m only walking through.  Yes I got a little thirsty, so I stopped in this bar to grab a drink, I’m not hurting anyone, nor do I plan on challenging your dear alpha.  As I said just walking through.”  I spat at him choosing to take a swig out of the bottle, the liquid tasting bitter and old as it burned going down my throat.


“Doesn’t matter, loners aren’t welcome to stay for as long as they wish.  So if I was you take that beer there on the go, and get back to where you crawled from in the first place.”  I felt and heard the males growl echoing through my body, causing my own to stir and grow uneasy, his wolf ready to shift at any moment and rip me apart, if I didn’t obey him.  Second’s always took their hierarchy rather too seriously…