“Izzi are you listening?”

I heard a deep soft voice say. I blinked as I stared at the tall, sandy blonde hair, green- eyed boy. His eyebrows narrowed waiting for an answer.

“No sir… My mind was elsewhere…”

I answered feeling bad that I hadn’t listened to him.

“Izzi I’m not just speaking to hear myself… What I’m telling you can very much save your life someday… I don’t want to see you fail… Maybe even loose your life… Now please pay attention.”

I sighed again still feeling bad that I had not even a clue what he had said…

“Yes Vincent…”

He smiled seeing that I was trying, nodded and turned back to the others.

You are young Izzy but some day you will understand… I just need you to pay as much attention as you can I don’t want to loose you my dear… I closed my eyes taking in every word he had just thought and sent to me. I didn’t want to disappoint him… And I had to show him I was ready…


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