Beauty & The Beast cont.

Faces I did not even care to know all smiled and greeted me as I made my way down the stairwell, the room was lit by a giant chandelier hanging just in the middle of the ball room, everyone dressed properly and festive.  Knowing that everyone had pulled out their best suit and gown to wear tonight in hopes to attract my eye.  I sighed making eye contact with a few of them as they wished me happy birthday, a little glimmer of hope that I’d acknowledge their presence and their wishes, not feeling a need to thank them I only smiled and continued making my way to my spot by the fireplace.  Feeling their eyes linger on my back, waiting patiently for me to turn around and make conversation.  I sighed hunching my shoulders and rocking on my heels, trying any way I could to block the voices that were now becoming too loud.  

   Noise.  Voices. Chatter.  Call it what you like…  But there’s no drowning out how annoying and overly irritating it is, no matter how hard you try to close your eyes, and block everything out.  The worst part of it all trying to be sane while it rattled and burst through either side of your head.  I groaned squeezing my temples on either side with my finger tips, and placing the cold beer bottle where the migraine now pulsed on the right side of my face.  


“Cold stone.”

A male’s voice said just behind me, his voice almost spatting and hissing at my back.

“Excuse me?”

I said looking over my shoulder, not bothering to give him my full undivided attention.


“Cold stone territory.  A place this lucky bar happens to be placed on.  So you loner. Rogue. Mutt.  Whatever you call yourself happens to be trespassing.  So you have five seconds to hightail your ass off our territory.”


“I believe my name’s Daemon.  And a hi, how are you would actually be pleasant to hear for once.  And you can go back and tell your alpha I’m only walking through.  Yes I got a little thirsty, so I stopped in this bar to grab a drink, I’m not hurting anyone, nor do I plan on challenging your dear alpha.  As I said just walking through.”  I spat at him choosing to take a swig out of the bottle, the liquid tasting bitter and old as it burned going down my throat.


“Doesn’t matter, loners aren’t welcome to stay for as long as they wish.  So if I was you take that beer there on the go, and get back to where you crawled from in the first place.”  I felt and heard the males growl echoing through my body, causing my own to stir and grow uneasy, his wolf ready to shift at any moment and rip me apart, if I didn’t obey him.  Second’s always took their hierarchy rather too seriously…


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