Book review for Demon Kissed by: H.M. Ward

This book review is on Demon Kissed By: H.M. Ward.  Before I get into detail about this book, let’s meet the characters!

Meet Ivy Taylor. Your average teenage girl trying to make it through her days as smoothly as possible, with the loss of her sister…  She has had a very hard time trusting and allowing herself to open up.


Meet Shannon. Ivy’s best friend. She’s smart, quick, and loves hunting through old attics as much as Ivy does.


Meet Eric. older then time itself, willing to help Ivy at all cost’s, and happens to be the best of his own kind.


Meet Collin.  Ivy’s best friend, the typical bad boy, and will do absolutely anything to protect Ivy.



It all started with a kiss.


But not your cute adorable kind of kiss…  This kiss was meant to take your soul.  The Valefar boy tricked Ivy Taylor into kissing him, but he took much more than a kiss – he stole her soul and left her within inches of death.”-Demon Kissed.

With only part of her soul intact, Ivy is whooshed into a world she never would have known existed.  Being part Martis and Valefar.  An angel and a demon. She wears the purple mark, with both blood running through her body.  She learns who to seek trust in, and who wants her dead.  She’s afraid for the remaining part of her soul, and who had changed her in the first place will come after her again.  With Eric, Collin and Shannon at her side she learns that her destiny could very well be the end of her world, or just the very start.  But what do you do when you have a demon boy that will do just about anything for you, just to keep you alive…  Even though it’s forbidden?  Also unheard of.  Ivy not only has to learn who to trust, but she has to accept what she is, and what her calling is…  Only she can decide if she chooses darkness, or a light that’s slowly starting to strengthen her bond and her soul to the demon boy who’s tied to stealing her soul.


“Your passion will keep you alive Ivy Taylor, but it will also risk your soul. It dictates what you do, how you live, and with whom you lay your loyalties. Oh child. You have so much good in you, and so much darkness too..”

ivys-eye  valefar eye.png

I came across this book on bookbub, and seeing that it was a free kindle book I decided meh why not? I loved angel and demon books and boy was I not disappointed with this read!  I was hooked the first page!! I don’t want to give up to much detail…  Because the surprise at hand if you decide to read this book will having you hooked and swooning at everything that happens.  This book was a fast, very quick read for me, seeing that I was glued to it instantly.  I fell in love with the characters, and am super eager to find out where Ivy and our demon boy happen to take us! If you want a good young adult romance this is definitely the read for you!  Once I finish the whole series, a more detailed book review will be posted :]]  But for now, I want to keep you guys on edge, and allow your curiosity to get the best of you and pick up this book!!  You will not be disappointed!  I gave Demon Kissed a five star rating :]] Happy reading to all of you and really hope you pick this book up!!

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