Timber Wolves Trilogy Book Review By: Tammy Blackwell

Surprise Halloween Book review!  My second time reading this series!

This series includes Destiny Binds #1, Time Mends #2, Fate Succumbs #3, At First Sight #3.5, and All We See And Seem #3.6



Meet Scout “Harper Lee Scout Donovan” the sarcastic, strong, unique heroin.


Meet Talley Matthew’s , Scout’s best friend, quiet, nice and a seer.


Meet Jace Donovan, Scout’s “Twin Brother” Charmer, protective, and a carefree attitude.  Being a coyote has its perks.


Meet Charlie Hagan, Jace’s best friend “cousin” gentle, caring, protective, and a down to earth coyote shifter.


Meet Toby  alpha male of the Hagan pack “Coyote Shifters” strong,logical thinker, and very protective of his own, also Charlie’s older brother.


Meet Alex Cole a wolf shifter, new to town, charmer, peacemaker, and has foreseen Scout in his dreams.


Meet Liam Cole, a wolf shifter destined to be an alpha, intimidating, dominant, and protective.


Scout is not your average girl, with pail skin, white hair that looks almost silver, and pail grey blue eyes she’s looked as a freak and not normal.  Little does everyone know that these characteristics are actually an important key as to what she’ll become later on in the books.  Alex and Liam Cole are new to town, attempting to make their way to Nashville, but with a little car trouble they both landed in Timber, Kentucky.  Knowing that this particular territory belonged to the Hagan pack, Liam had only wanted to stay long enough to fix their run down truck to quickly get out of the territory and move from there.  But plans soon changed once they came across Scout and Jase out and about along the strip. Liam knew right away what Jace was, but smelling Scout, had him questioning what she was, and stirred his inner wolf, needing to protect her the best he could.  Warning’s had gone out to both Alex and Liam to stay away from Hagan property “Scout.” Threats weren’t going to keep Alex away for long, as Scout became closer and closer to him.


Throughout each book you will go through a roller coaster of emotion’s crying, yipping with joy, and feeling everyone’s bond grow for each other.  Tammy Blackwell had broke my heart many times throughout the book, as I felt my world crumble before me with certain deaths bringing me to question what was to come? How could she do this!? And Will this make or break Scout?  Throughout this series you will see a certain bond build stronger through every page, with certain characters, they were destined we could feel it.  With hope and love finding their way to them, and secrets being spilled a new future for the Donovan’s, Cole’s and the Hagan’s are building. With Shifters, seers, love, pain, and the little funny moments this series brings you will be looking back on it still months and months later.

I loved this series so much! And I loved each cover even more! Being unique, different, pretty, and eye catching.  Plus being a shifter series of course I’m going to be drawn to it!! I finished it within weeks, keeping me hooked, needing to know what will come of each character, and bringing so much feeling that I still go back and think about the sad parts, happy parts, and silly parts.  Tammy Blackwell did such a marvelous job with these characters I was pulled to each and everyone of them, feeling their feelings, seeing what they were seeing, and needing to have closer with each of them as the series came to an end.  I cried when I finished this series!! It will definitely be a shifter series I will go back to time and time again.  Liam, Alex and Scout have my heart and always will. Five stars for the whole series!  If you love shifters as much as I do, and want romance, thriller, and a roller coaster of feelings this series is definitely for you! Hope you all check it out and happy reading to you!


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