Review For The Nightmare Before Christmas Graphic Novel By Jun Asuka

Happy Halloween All!!!

It’s here! It’s here! My book review for Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas graphic novel by: Jun Asuka.  I’m super excited to be reviewing this book! Being a manga reading backwards from right to left was rather challenging for me, being my first manga that I’ve read, but certainly wont be my last!!! I loved this take on TNBC, being just like the movie, only told in jacks voice was rather enchanting! I often caught myself singing some of the little quotes written in the book, I couldn’t help myself!                                                                                                     6e922ad3d85d7bb3a62f4acf12e7e2d3c99615f53c33002baaeb67797d10168b

Poor Jack Skellington being the pumpkin king of Halloween town, felt empty inside, and needed something new and inviting to heal his empty bones.  After throwing the best scare yet Jack finds himself questioning if his scaring is really all worth it, soon walking all night and finding a mystrious door deep in a part of the woods no one knew exsisted.




The door being a bright green, and his knob a bright gold, drawing his eye and luring him to it urging Jack to open this door.  Not knowing what laid behind it, it pulled him to its depths, cold chilling his bones, bright lights strung everywhere he turned, and joyful prancing bringing warmth into his old soul.  Being excited and wanting to share his new find, he told others of Christmas town, wanting to bring the tradition of presents into his own hands.


Soon things go a little crazy, but with Sally, and Santa Claus himself at Jack’s side his once empty bones will be filled with the warm feeling he had been looking for, not knowing yet it had been looking him in the eye the whole time.

I loved this book and going through every feeling Jack was, if your a fan of the movie defintly give this graphic novel a try! It follows almost like a script, a fun, quick read that’ll get you in the spirits for Halloween!  I gave this book 4 stars only because I wish there was more description to it, and a little more into Jacks world being mostly on his perspective.  I hope you all give this novel a shot and happy reading to you!!

Note- All gifs used in this blog post belong to their rightful creators/owners




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