It’s Finally Here! Book Review For Jim Henson’s Labyrinth By: A.C.H. Smith


It’s Here!! My book review for Labyrinth By: A.C.H. Smith.  Seeing that I just finished this book a few minutes ago, I need to just say this first, I cannot picture anyone more perfect to play Jareth the goblin king then David Bowie!  As I read through the pages and captured the scenes from the movie the characters were so well and brilliantly captured, and just that memorable I pictured them exactly as they were in the 80’s movie.  With that being said let’s travel on through the Labyrinth, and pass the goblin king’s tests , as Sara, and a few friends along the way make their way to the castle to goblin city, to take back the little boy Jareth had whisked away from Sara to make one day a new king of his land.  To think it all started off with a wish!



Sara (easily flustered), Hoggle (Thinks of himself as a coward), Ludo (the big hearted friend), and Sir Didymus (A small Knight but very Loyal) all make their way through the Labyrinth in hopes to find the castle before the 13th hour.


Along the way they tackle different obstacles and downfalls.  Little do you realize that the Labyrinth has simply taken you into a land of all your dreams, fears, and wishes…  The three feelings we all encounter as we grow up.  Sara is faced and questioned with what truly matters to her, and is given a choice of what to choose in the end.

I loved this book! Seeing the movie first and falling in love with the characters, I knew I wanted to read the book and see if it was anything like the movie, and I was not disappointed!  “Sometimes, to need is… to let go.”-Hoggle  I gave this book 5 stars!! And am very glad to be adding this book to my collection.  If you want to be taken down memory lane and relive every moment in the 80’s movie, definitely check out this must read!!


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