What attracts the eye

On fridays you’ll always find me at my local bookstore, its something my brother, dad and I have always done.  Almost like a tradition now.  At my local half price book store, I always find great deals on something or I find a harder to find book, that is a very much needed add to my own library.  I had walked down after I got off work being just up the street, convenient? Definitely!! As I walked in, I always make my way back to the clearance young adult novels first, then move my way up to the literature classics.  As I was browsing the clearance, I noticed some new books they happened to have on display.  So browsing carefully through them I found a book pushed in the way back behind all the other titles, its black,grey,red tree cover luring my eyes to it.  If you know me well enough you’ll know I have a fascination with anything that involves a tree design.  With books for me the pretty, dark, unique style always catches and pulls me in.  It can be as old as dust and torn and I’ll want to bring it home.  To me the cover tells the story all its own.  So proceeding to pick the book up I found that it was the whole series, each cover being dark, stunning and mysterious.  I had looked at this series often when I had gone into half price, but never chose to pick it up and take it home.  I knew it was about shifters, and the storyline drew me into it, but I was never intrigued enough to add it to my collection.  And being me, why wouldn’t I just purchase it and add it to my own personal library already? Being about shifters should have been enough of a win for me, since I’ve been collecting and reading every shifter book imaginable.  But I still put it back every time I came across it.  So half price must have sensed that I needed to just break down and add this series to my love of shifters bookcase already.  These special edition book covers are stunning! I can’t stop staring at them, and love how it pulls you in right away.  I’m a very happy bookmama right now :]]


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