Book Review For Alice By: Christina Henry


My Surprise October read for you guys is here!! This is definitely a gruesome gory pick, and something very outside of the box.  Christina Henry did a fantastic job with this new retelling!!

Come with me down the rabbit hole on an entirely new and different adventure.  Alice By: Christina Henry was just that, a very different, unique, tale gripping, book clenching, page turner.  Down the rabbit hole we go where a return is never welcome.   “Do not think you can turn away from your fate. I have seen it, and once foretold, it cannot be undone. if you go chasing your freedom your fate will only follow you there, and drag you back. “-Bess                       alice-in-wonderland-gifs-alice-in-wonderland-2010-37502137-245-140  tumblr_nwbqmdwliv1qitqw9o1_500


Wonderland is not as we remember it, being that crazy beautiful place where only our dreams made it just that a crazy place and to the point you never wanted to wake up.  In this retelling wonderland is the place of our nightmares where we only wish we could wake up, wonderland has been changed to a city.  An old and new city, new being your wealthy high end side, and the old being the forgotten…  The place of nightmares, the place of stench, and struggling outsiders.  In this old city lives characters we definitely know the names of, but not as we remembered them.  These men want power, magic, and the one girl that had gotten away.  Dear Alice. american_mcgee___alice_desktop_by_irisheyes2490

Among each street are invisible territories (White rabbits, Cheshire, The Walrus, Carpenter, And The caterpillar), some alliances, and all cruel secrets.  Alice has in fact grown up, but with no recollection of how she ended up in a Alysum in the first place, only left with a haunting memory of how she ended up with a scar across her face forever marking her to the white rabbit.  Feeling lost, and forever unpretty Alice seeks a friend through a mouse hole in the corner of her room.  Hatcher is just that friend, being a man who also doesn’t remember how he ended up at the Asylum, only remembering bits about the white rabbit Alice happens to mutter about all the time, feeling a power growing and awakening beneath them.”I cannot spend the remainder of my life as a moth beating it’s wings against a jar.” -hatcher.

Hatcher finds a way in breaking him and Alice free of the Asylum.  Beginning their journey to destroy this unknown power.  Seeking answers and finding that everything is really not as it seems is only causing Alice to question what it was the white rabbit had wanted with her in the first place.  This book was a powerful read, and kept me on edge needing to know what happened next.  Every turn Hatcher and Alice happened to take was another puzzle peice of questions, and mystery as to how things will unravel in the end.  I am warning you though this book is gory, cruel, and your worst nightmares enfolding.  This is not your average tea party.  With that being said I absolutely enjoyed this book!  I loved how the characters were all men, and had their own little worlds even though some cruel and hard to take in.  As cruel as their sides of town could be it brought out a very unique touch.  Alice and Hatcher were undeniably two of the best main characters in a book.  They were strong, quick on their toes, and even though they were both broken the love that was building between the two of them was felt with a warm heart.  They needed each other more than they even realized, you not only see but feel how deep their connection is to each other.    “I wish that you will love me forever, forever and always, until the end of time.”-Alice

I definitely give this book 5 stars! And say if your up for a thriller this is the book for you. white-rabbit-hi                                               giphy


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