Jack Frost & Elsa Fan Fiction

A little something I’ve been working on :]] my own fan fiction of Jack Frost and Elsa.


Jack… I need you…
I heard her faint voice plead, I stood unnoticed before I spoke. She sat there against her door,knees pulled to her chest… frantic and upset…  cowering like a child.  But she was just a child, unique and just as stubborn as I was.
I spoke her name quietly as her big blue eyes looked up at me,and a smile spreading across her face.  I couldn’t help but smile too knowing she had been the only one that could see me.
She squealed jumping to her feet and wrapping her arms around my waist tripping over my feet and falling into me.
“Well I’m glad to see you too.”
I said sending a spiral of frost around her, she laughed and touched each snow flake that happened to come across her finger tips.
“How do you control it so well?”
She asked starting to chase the flakes around her room.
“With practice Elsa these things take time…”
I said leaning on my staff.
“But I wanna learn now.”
She pleaded stopping in her tracks and crossing her arms to her chest.
“You have all the time in the world Elsa your just a child, and you’ll see once you get bigger like me you’ll be the one sending snow tornados around me.”
“I will?”
She asked her eyes going wide.
“Yes,but with practice.”
I chuckled, smiling at her.  I had always asked myself why the moon had chosen me,why I was even here…


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