Pavement Shadows Cont.

“Wow your actually surprisingly close Ethan…but it’s Dane.”
Tatum spoke his voice cracking with surprise.
“Damn well I was pretty close.”
Ethan smiled flicking his tongue against his lip piercing.
“well from what you’ve told me about this Dane character he sounds dreamy!”
“Heyy like I’m not even here or anything…..”
Ethan practically pouted his bottom lip curving over his top one like a three year old.
“Aww eaty you know you’re the only one in my dreams!”
Cori squealed.
“Eww gag me!”
Tatum spun on his heels making a choking sound and facing hazel who had remained quiet the whole time, staring at a dandelion growing from a crack in the pavement by her foot.


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