Beauty & The Beast Con.

I stared at the withering rose, admiring how it’s once red colors now faded to an almost purple black contrast, fading from light to dark.  It’s petals crinkling and dried up like an old worn piece of paper.  Fragile to the touch, petals cracking and tearing with every slight movement.  Poor thing dead and ugly no one longer admiring the once beauty it portrayed.  

“You’re mistaken my dear Damon.  Beauty can still come of the darkest of places…  Even in death it can be as beautiful as the eye can see.”


“Says the woman who sees beauty in everything she comes upon.”


“Only my eyes.  Your eyes would see it too if you’d allow them to open to a world outside your own.”


“Victoria, my dear.  I need not to open my eyes to the outside world.  Why must I see the beauty in something that is dead.  I need not to waste my time with such a preposterous thing.”


“You’ll soon regret those words Damon.  To understand beauty and to see it, you must first allow your heart to not be so cold, and eyes to not be so bitter.”


“I need not to waste my time.  And you Victoria are wasting my time, now please Madam, see to it you prepare everything to be in order for tonight.  It is my birthday after all.”


“Special day…  Soon to be remembered… The night of a full moon, makes for a very special birthday.  I’ll see to it that everything is ready for tonight.  Oh, and Damon.  Happy birthday.”


Faces I did not even care to know all smiled and greeted me as I made my way down the stairwell, the room was lit by a giant chandelier hanging just in the middle of the ball room, everyone dressed properly and festive.  Knowing that everyone had pulled out their best suit and gown to wear tonight in hopes to attract my eye.  I sighed making eye contact with a few of them as they wished me happy birthday, a little glimmer of hope that I’d acknowledge their presence and their wishes, not feeling a need to thank them I only smiled and continued making my way to my spot by the fireplace.


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