Beauty & The Beast

Hey guys been a while since I wrote something and posted it! So here’s a little something I’ve been working on :] My own version of Beauty & The Beast.

I felt the burning sensation coarse through my limbs as my body prepared itself to with stand the transformation it was eager to begin. I felt my bones cracking and relining to fit the new body that was taking over, my stomach twisted as every breath I had taken began to fill my lungs, caving in on my heart, making it pump quicker to keep my mind in a balance state. I felt the growl ripple through my chest, the need to be free and protect was now overriding, and making my body ease and prepare for the last lengths that it needed to go through. My eyes burned and teared as my nose began to lengthen, and hair began to spread around my body, as a howl ripped through my throat, the final stage had pulsed through my veins the wolf now in search of something new it had been craving. I whimpered allowing the moon to guide me through the night, casting silhouettes of trees and bushes ahead of me, guiding my way through the Autumn night.


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