Pavement Shadows Cont.

“Well… maybe it’s short for Daniel? Know any Daniels?”
He asked turning his big body and shimming away from a couple leaning against their car apparently to busy engorging each others faces to notice.
“No..I didn’t know any Daniels…”
She spoke quietly as if biting her tongue on something she truly didn’t want to share with him. Tatum hadn’t noticed the glimmer in her eyes that looked like the tide of waves being forced back by the cage of her eyelashes, her cheeks tinted a slight pink as she forced herself to shake her head slightly her curls springing with the motion. He hadn’t noticed…the pain that was there…. but I did.
“Heyy cori. Ethan! Soooo guess what hazels mystery man has a name now!”
Cori she was pretty her long deep chocolate brown hair falling in waves around her shoulders, her bright gray blue eyes misting together like a slow storm coming together, her curvy figure flattering in black skinny jeans, and a gold shiny top. She smiled showing one dimple and something sparkly glistening in the suns rays on her nose…. it took me a second to realize what it was when she turned the silver small hoop caught the sun again along the side of her nostrial.. ahhhh a nose ring flattering on her I had to say. She clasped her hand into the boy standing beside her, his short blonde hair combed over to the side, showing off strong cheek bones,slightly gauged ears, and also supporting a lip ring. His jeans hung a little low on his hips showing slight skin when he stretched, his faded labyrinth shirt sporting David bowie on it…and his musky green eyes drawing your attention to him.
“Oooooo do tell haz! Whats his name!”
Cori spoke showing off that one dimple on the side of her cheek.
“Oooo let me guess it’s danny!”
The boy spoke all gitty clinging tightly to cori.


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