Books I’ll be reading soon!


So just wanted to do a little fandom post about two books I’ll be reading soon :]]

The Neverending story by: Michael Ende

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth the novelization  by: A.C.H Smith

I’m very excited to be reading these two classic’s!! In the next few months I’ll be reading a lot of older classic’s I’ve been lucky to stumble upon at my local half price book store and amazon :]]  I’m absolutely thrilled to own a copy of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and was so excited to learn that it was back in print!! I absolutely loved the 80’s classic with David Bowie, and me being a very big book collect, I searched high and wide for this copy, wanting to add it to my collection.  So needless to say I’m very excited to read and review both of these books!  white-rabbit-hi

Book reviews that are on their way!

Water for elephants

The princess and the goblin

Peter pan in Kensington garden’s/ peter and wendy


4 thoughts on “Books I’ll be reading soon!

    1. I actually ordered mine off Amazon! Arrived within the week and it wasn’t overly priced! It was only like 12 then add shipping 🙂 hope this helps! And happy reading to you!!

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