Pavement Shadows Cont.

“Hey hazel!”
A gruff voice said as he bobed around other bodies, making his way towards the truck.
“Tatum! Glad you found me first this time! I have something I want to tell you!”
Hazel spoke ecstatically, her eyes lighting up and a real genuine smile spreading across her lips.
“Wait! Hold on! Let me admire my work! Don’t I have the magic touch or what!”
“Yes Tate you have the magic touch…”
“Now say I was right!”
“Unjustifiedly right!”
“And now say whos the man!”
“Uhh… Tate…”
“Too much?”
“Yah… just a bit how about we drop it down a notch?”
“Ha will do. But you should really allow me  to shop for you more often… you look stunning right now and definitely will stand out!”
Her cheeks light up like red fireworks,as her eyes rolled shaking her head in a whatever motion. There was no doubt Tatum was very handsome, having baby blues, and short chestnut brown hair,his tan skin glowing as his personality seemed to roll off of him in waves….. being upset around this kid seemed impossible one look at him and you we’re instantly glowing with happiness. He smiled showing dimples, as he adjusted his bag on his shoulder, and tucked his hand into the pockets of his jeans, his red flannel blowing open revealing a black fitted tank top underneath… the kid knew fashion there was no doubt.
“Sooo… has travis said if he’s going to the game tonight? Will Chad be there?”
He asked his eyes glowing with hope.
“Yes he said he’s going and that Chad will be there as well since cooper is in band and all…”
She spoke softly eyeing tatums expression,as his smile grew his dimples digging deep into his cheeks,all pearly whites showing.
“But Tate I had something else I wanted to tell you…”
“Ahhh yes you did say that! Wait! Let me guess by the looks of it…. you dreamed about mystery guy again….didn’t you?”
“That obvious huh?”
“Oh no haze I just know you alllll to well… didn’t you hear? I can read minds?”
He burst into a laugh before regaining his wits again.
“Well I did…and he has a name…”
“Oh yah? Well what’s this mystery fellows name? And let’s hold a contest for everyone with that name to try and win your heart over!”
He said with a smile and chuckling. She rolled her eyes again her short frame tiny compared to him as they walked across the parking lot towards the large building other kids we’re scattering to get to.
“Well…. his names Dane…”
My eyes sparked with interest again as my name poured out of her mouth so easily…. I bit my lip taken back to the night before when she was sleeping and had spoken my name… but why? And how did she know my name?
“Oooo Dane… odd yet very mysterious… I like it!”
Tatum said peeking at Hazel through thick eyelashes.
“But I don’t know anyone named Dane…”
She spoke abruptly causing Tatum to stop walking.
“Well… maybe it’s short for Daniel? Know any Daniels?”
He asked turning his big body and shimming away from a couple leaning against their car apparently to busy engorging each others faces to notice.
“I did know a Daniel…”
She spoke quietly bringing her eyes to the ground.
“Really? Why have I not heard of this Daniel? He didn’t do anything to you did he…?”
His eyes flickered with rage as my hands turned into fists, knowing exactly where his thoughts lead and knowing he’d do anything to protect her… as would I…
“It doesn’t matter now…”
“It doesn’t matter Tate… he’s no longer…”
Her voice shook as tears started to build up and her voice shook as she tried to calm herself down.
“Hazel honey….”
Tatum stopped and brought her into a hug… feeling pained wishing I could be the  one in tatums shoes.
“He’s gone Tate… that’s all that matters…”
Realization spread across his face, pulling his eyebrows up in concern.
“Motorcycle accident….”
My eyes flashed and I felt my body heave… hands shook as panic started to burn my chest… but how? I felt dizzy, burning pain lit up my arms and chest. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t see straight… that pain I felt everyday since I became a ghost reliving that moment, the reason on why I died, and played on repeat always sending a friendly reminder of why I died all seemed to extreme now…. the perks of being a ghost and what they don’t tell you is you will relive your moments of death every day, same hour, same minute down to the wire of seeing the white light… but how… the question played on repeat… how was Hazel connected to me… who’s to say I was the same guy she knew….I was dane… not Daniel…


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