Pavement Shadows Cont.

“Promise you’ll at least think about it…”
He asked as he stepped out onto the porch, the sun glowing off his skin in a spell casting way,his features pulled at his brows turning them in as a concerning look spread across his face.
“Trav… I….”
“Haze… please…. at least talk to him…”
“Okay…. fine… I promise I’ll at least talk to him.”
A sigh had escaped from her lips as a small reassuring smile spread across them.
“Tonights the football game… why not hint your going and see if he asks you? I’ll be going to… chads little brother is in band so I’ll be with him,vikki and mel tonight…”
She sighed again truly aggravated.
“See you later hazelnut have a good day at school today… be good.”
He spoke his eyes glimmering with hope.
“See you trav. Keep icky vikki in check while I’m gone!”
“Hazel marie!”
“What? Oh Right melani will already do that for me!”
“Hazel marie mykasin!”
“Gotta go love you bro!”
She said skipping down the stairs and trotting over to an old powder blue Ford ranger,she chuckled to herself as she opened the drivers side door and slid in, tossing her backpack and purse onto the floor of the truck.


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