Book Review For Bambi By: Felix Salten


So I just finished reading Bambi by: Felix Salten and boy was it an emotional one!!

I have always loved bambi,  watching the Disney classic several times a day with my brother even then it made me cry at all the loss Bambi had gone through, so picking up the book I immediately knew what I was putting myself through.   Needless to say going into this book knowing what to expect I really thought I’d be okay, but boy was I wrong! This book was nothing like the movie, a stand alone all it’s own, my every heart strings were pulled for every loss that Bambi witnessed. With that note I absolutely loved this book! I loved the description, and how it told the story not only through Bambi’s perspective but the whole woods, even the leaves had their own thoughts and voices.  Even now as I sit here and write this review it still has me constantly going back and remembering every word the old stag and other characters had said. loved this book! So very happy to add it to my collection!  Five Stars!! *****

“Listen, Bambi.   He isn’t all-powerful as they say.  Everything that lives and grows doesn’t come from him.   He isn’t above us.  He’s just the same as we are.  He has the same fears,  the same needs, and suffers in the same way.   He can be killed like us,  and then He lies helpless on the ground like all the rest of us, as you see him now.”- The old stag


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