Pavement Shadows cont.

The alarm buzzed as she cursed and slammed her hand down on the noisy box, she sighed pushing up on the mattress and swinging her legs over the side. I smiled at her cupcake Pajama bottoms, they were cute and sweet. She yawned and stretched some more as she scampered off to her bathroom, hearing the shower turn on. I sighed placing myself at the bay window in the corner of her bedroom overlooking the woods that lay just at the back of the house.  Being a ghost had it’s perks being granted to guard a stranger you never once knew, definatly the best damn wish granted to yah! I never really understood why we were assigned a human to guard but we all do… if we don’t find our peace and pass over we’re left playing babysitter to the breathing. Sometimes I liked it… other times it was about as boring as the 15 minute home room that we all know was pointless… I huffed waiting for the shower to turn off and the day to begin… I couldn’t help but wonder why exactly I had been assigned to become this girls in terms guardian angel…. had she gone through some tragic mindblowing trama? She seemed completely as normal as a 17 year old girl could get….

Questions swirled through my mind like a bunch of busy bees, questions I’d never know or be able to ask…. sighing I watched as she walked out of the bathroom wearing black and white checkered skinny jeans, and a white lacy top flaring out just above the hem of her jeans. she was pretty her curly platinum hair spiraling different lenths around her heart shaped face, her light skin tone bringing out the color of her eyes and the slight pink of her full lips. She hummed running over to the mirror hanging inside her closet applying makeup to her lashes and cateye liner to her top lids. I never understood the use of makeup I always found girls to be pretty just as they we’re without it…. she smiled in the mirror grabbing a jean jacket from inside the closet and placing her arms inside.
“Hey kid,are you dressed yet?”
A mans voice spoke from behind the door of her bedroom.
“I’m covering my eyes… I’m coming in… you better be dressed hazelnut…”
The voice spoke again as the doorknob slowly turned and the door opened, he felt his way through the door frame,while keeping his eyes closed.
“Trav… I’m dressed… your safe…”
He huffed out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes,the smile spreading across his lips,spreading to his eyes making them sparkle, and his skin glow a sunkissed tan…. the dreamy boy every girl wanted.
“Hey hazelnut, your looking cute today!”
He smiled again walking over to the bedside table and leaning against it.
“Yah…  wanted to wear the new outfit tatum picked out for me…thought he’d appreciate it…”
She said rolling her eyes.
“Well tatum will be admiring his work, and I know who else will be too.”
He spoke with a chuckle. My eyes sparked with interest,and slight annoyance.
“Oh yah? Who?”
Hazel sighed clearly as irritated as I was.
“Brett… I’m sure he’ll really appreciate the new look.”
“Ew! As if travis! I don’t like Brett in that way… and I don’t care if he appreciates the new look or not…”
“Haze… it’s okay if someone happens to like you… it’s not the end of the world… he seems like a nice guy, hes been calling you none stop,I think you should at least respond to him.”
Travis spoke rubbing a hand down his face in frustration. Seems I’d really have to watch this Brett guy.


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