here’s a little something I started writing today :]] Can’t wait to write more and see where it goes! As always read more and follow me on my wattpad! link above!

My pack circled around me rumbles rising from their chests, and eyes set on the target…. Me… I wasn’t sure if I should fight back or submit to them. The wolf part of them was angary with me as their rumbles became deeper and more announced, daring me to move from their line of vision.  But their eyes still human pleaded for me to not fight them, sorrow melted the irises turning each pair staring at me a lighter shade from their natural color.


Why, why, why? Matthew, why?


They all echoed through my mind, making our link tingle.  The wolf to my left whined slowly, her red fur dampened from the rain glistening as it poured harder on us.  The rain chilled me to the bones, causing my body to cramp and tense up.  A few of the wolves let out visible quivers as they each shuck out their dampened coats, needing to relieve some of the heaviness the wet strands were causing to become noticeably uncomfortable.


I was only trying to help Laura… 


We listen to alpha, he knows what’s best for us and if he says to remain away from Liander’s pack then we must!


A brown wolf growled at me, his ears pinning back flattening on each side of his head.


Fin… Brother…  Alpha can’t always be right…  Liander’s a good man…If you’d just come with me and talk to him you’ll see…


I pleaded at the brown wolf, the white spots at the corners of his eyes wrinkled, almost disappearing as he raised his lips allowing a growl to escape in frustration.


Liander is a hybrid, he’s not like us… How can you trust a man who lacks power Matthew?  You caused this yourself, I can’t say I feel sorry for what your about to endure…  But I am sorry it had to be my own brother….


Have a heart Finn…Please,,, Spare me?


Not easily forgiven dear brother…  Quinn’s orders.  You betray me by betraying him.


He raised his head as he howled, the thunder drowning out his cries, as all I could do was remain frozen in place.  Five other wolves came closer, readying themselves to spring all at once, they each snapped at me, causing me to curl tighter into myself.  They snapped, saliva breaking free from their lips causing it to fly at me in warning.  They were the predators..  I was now their prey. Finn was the first to leap at me, his body a massive ball of fur and muscle flying through the air, I closed my eyes bracing myself for what was to come, my ears rang as a splintering sound was heard and a loud whimper echoed over the thunder…  But the noises did not come from me…  I opened my eyes to find Finn laying on the ground curled into a ball clutching his back legs tightly around himself, he laid whimpering and sobbing.  I whined confused, as the other wolves remained simply frozen and in a trance, another wolf with sandy brown fur growled shoving me behind him, his big muscular body shielding me completely from the others eyes.


Bryce what are you doing?


I asked trying to shove my head into his shoulder to get him to move aside, this was my fate…  I needed to endure my own consequences.  He rolled his shoulder, jerking me off of him, and continued to stand infront of me.


You do not deserve the fate Quinn has asked that you receive.  I know that he is my brother, but Liander is also family.  Quinn’s eyes betray him, he must learn to accept with his heart, and not his eyes.


Quinn will come after you too, once he finds out your stopping his demands…


I’ve been his beta for as long as I can remember Matthew, its time to for once make my own life, and do what’s right…  We go to Liander, he’s asked for my brothers help for centuries, but Quinn has denied it…  Times change, packs are to help and protect their own no matter their alphas…  We will offer that help Liander needs, not Quinn.


His eyes shimmered gold as he nudged me again and pushed me in the direction he wanted me to go, still shielding me from the others, he gave a growl in warning, as if to say dare follow and I’ll make promise to harming you as well.


You’ll regret this Bryce! Quinn will hunt you down and destroy every light that keeps your heart beating!


Finn broke through our link his voice muffled from the pain it was desperate to hide.


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