Deathly Secrets Continued Avery’s side

Avery’s side

He’s actually reading it… What are his thoughts going to be once he finally figures everything out?

“Avery…  I wouldn’t be worried about what his thoughts will be… I would be more worried about what he’ll do…”

Drew said his eyebrows narrowing and concern rising in his voice.  I sighed not really knowing what to say to him.

“Drew…  I was stupid to even leave my diary in my brother’s hands…  I was stupid for telling him to pass it around to other students…  Because they need to know…  I feel so stupid!”

“What I don’t understand is why he didn’t stop you Avery…  I really don’t get that…  He’s your brother and he really did care for you…  But he just let you slip through the cracks….  And let you go…”

“Because Drew he knows if he were to of tried to change my mind he knew I would just be upset all my life…  Plus he knows I’m stubborn…  Besides that Drew I left the note on my diary for him to receive that night he came home…  I didn’t give it to him in person…  I wrote a note and left it on his desk…”

Drew went silent the only thing that could be heard was his breath. 

“Avery… Why did you??”

Drew stared at me his sky blue eyes burning straight through me, soon filling up with questions.

“I… I don’t know…”

Drew’s eyes grew furious, and his upper lip curled.

“Yes you do Avery now don’t you dare lie to me!”

He hissed through a tight jaw.

“I have my reasons Drew… And honestly it’s none of your business…”

I said turning away from him, hoping he would just back down.

“Avery…  I just want to know the truth is all… That’s all I ask…”

I stared at the ground contemplating if I tell him or not…  Even if I did it would hurt him…  I didn’t even fully understand how I died…  I could feel his eyes watching me, waiting for me to answer.

“One night you will know the truth…  But for right now I don’t think you would be able to handle it…  So may be some other night…”

He laughed his chest rumbling as if I had told a joke.

“Me not ready!  You got to be kidding me Avery… “

“Drew I don’t see anything funny with this situation at all!”

“Fine, fine, fine I’ll wait till your ready to tell me… Fair?”

He smiled still watching me.


I sighed relieved he gave up.  Scared on how he would react…  That is if he thought I was crazy…  But honestly if he truly and really wanted to know all he would really need to do is one day just enter my thoughts, and read them that’s all he would need to do…  Ha may be he’s to blind or stupid too…

“Well excuse me for being a gentleman and not wanting to find out myself…  I want you to tell me so I can get your full story…  So I can for once hear your voice…  Avery I haven’t heard your voice in a long time… And I’ve missed it…”

He said feeling even more hurt then what I did earlier.  I sighed trying to think of some kind of way to change the topic.  I breathed heavily and walked quietly towards him, his back still turned away from me, I healed out my hand grabbing a hold of his shirt and pulling him towards me, forcing him to turn around and face me.  He stood facing me but his eyes weren’t on me he was looking away from me, why did I have to make him upset…  I missed seeing his eyes but yet I continue to force him to look away hiding the beautiful sky I could stare at all day long.  I tugged on his shirt some more forcing his body to come closer to mine he still wouldn’t look at me.  Sighing again not knowing if I would win I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling the warmth of his body through his shirt.  He didn’t put his arms around me he didn’t even move…  Not knowing what else to do I stopped hugging him and turned my back to him, getting ready to just walk away.  I felt something warm touch my arm, looking down he had grabbed my hand, he quickly jerked me around nearly knocking me into him.  He didn’t look at me he only touched my cheek and ran his hand down my jaw line coming to my chin, and lifting it up slightly so I was now staring right into his eyes.  His eyes were calm and made me melt like snow in the springtime, not realizing it he had leaned in and kissed me.

“What are you doing!”

I snapped pushing him away.

“I… I just… I don’t know… I wasn’t thinking…”

His eyes went sad again almost like they were crushed into little pieces of glass.


I shouted walking away from him feeling frustrated.


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