The Kiss

Another little something I started writing :]]] Enjoy guys!

How dare he kiss her with those chapped lips uck…  I felt bad for her questioning what his breathe tasted like…  A man who doesn’t pamper himself well…  Or flat out just doesn’t care.  My heart sank knowing that it had been years since I saw her, and now she was right in front of me with another man…  A man who didn’t see her beauty like I did, a man who didn’t hold her close to him, and a man who hadn’t cared that it did hurt her when he charmed with other girls…  He had the looks that made every girl melt at his feet, but clearly he didn’t care about it too much since he knew that his smile and his eyes were the main feature that girls were drawn too…  I shook my head knowing that is exactly what her weakness was…  She loved men who had that perfect smile, and those dreamy eyes…  Something that always led her down the road of hurt, and mistreatment…  I sighed wondering if she’d even recognize me or notice me, most likely not.  I cleared my head and rolled the memories off my shoulder trying to forget the fact I had just seen her.  I continued walking past the busy area continuing to walk to my blue 94 jeep wrangler that was my baby, I had ever since I could remember, I sighed knowing now it was at least a 6 hour drive back to my home town of west ridge in the state of Missouri.

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