Deathly Secrets

Here’s a little something I started back when I was in high school senior year :]] Recently have gone back and added to it, enjoy!!!! Comment’s are well much appreciated! I’d love to know what you guys think of any of my writings, what you’d like to see happen, or who your favorite character’s are in any of my stories I post :]] Follow me on wattpad

Avery’s side

I watched as people lined up getting ready to pay their respects, sadness in their eyes…  Most were trying to hold in tears you could tell cause they were biting their lips almost to the point of being raw.  I glimpsed around me not knowing what to do.  Why was I here??  Whose funeral am I at…?  I looked around seeing pretty much the whole school there…  It must have been a student or something…  Cause seriously like everyone I knew was here.  I saw Cole sitting alone, seeing my chance to talk to the god of the gods in my eyes… I walked over to him looking down at him, he was staring at a black rose he had in his hands.  It was beautiful but very dark… I wonder why he had picked out that color…  I sighed waiting for him to notice me but he never looked up not a glimpse or anything.  I sighed again this time touching his hand gently and slowly…. But he didn’t feel it… My fingertips went straight through his… My eyes grew wide and I shouted hello to him desperate to hear his voice, and desperate to see if he would answer me…  But he didn’t.  He still looked down sad and confused; he looked like a child who had lost his pet…  I wanted so desperately to run my fingers through his dirty blond short hair, and to have him look up at me so I could see his blue green eyes that made every female melt when they caught him staring.   He got up then getting in line.  Not knowing what to do I followed him standing with him, studying his face.  He looked just like his older brother but Cole was more attractive, being taller, a little skinner, and not as muscular like his brother.  His lips were full and perfect, and his skin was perfect too being a slight tan.  He had that surfer kind of look to him… And I always thought of him that way as well.  He was made for Miami not here in Seattle Washington, he just didn’t fit here.  He needed to be in the sun, surrounded by the ocean, waves, and the beach…  I sighed again just imagining it, him surfing…  His body flexing and moving along with the waves and his board…  My imagination was cut short when a women turned to us telling us were next; he hesitated before he went up to the casket, his hands starting to shake.  I wanted to comfort him but wasn’t sure how…  But what laid in the casket shocked me more then anything… My whole body went cold… and I began to shake.  The girl in the casket was me. Me of all people…  Avery Thia Rose Monroe…  I was laying in the casket my body lifeless, and still…  But why was I here?  Shouldn’t I be in heaven or something? I should not be seeing my own funeral… I didn’t understand at all…  I wanted away from this nightmare!!!  Wake up Avery it’s just a dream!!!! Wake up DAMNIT!!! WAKE UP!!! But I didn’t…   I heard Cole take a deep breath, and lay the rose on my chest brushing his hand across my dead body.  I attempted to grab a hold of it but I couldn’t…  I wanted to feel the warmth of it, the softness of it, just to finally say I healed Cole Brystan’s hand…  But yet it didn’t matter cause those thoughts were never going to happen.  I watched him sigh and take his brothers necklace off from around his neck, it was the one thing he never took off…  Or even let anyone touch…  He stared at it for a few moments before laying it with the rose that was resting softly against my chest.

            I looked around me catching my mothers green eyes staring at the casket still.  I had never seen her this way before… She actually looked like she cared…  And looked more alone then ever… Sitting next to her was my brother wearing a black pin stripped suit with a red and black tie; his face empty, cold, and deep dark circles shown under his eyes…  He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep for a few days, maybe even months.  The site of him horrified me he looked like the walking dead.  My heart began to beat quickly, almost like it was going to leap right out of my chest, I felt like everyone could hear it, the blood pumping through my whole body all the way to my ears making them hurt.  The fact I was seeing my own funeral just was unbearable…  I quickly ran out of the church.  I blinked as I opened the door and walked outside into the sun…  But I couldn’t feel the sun, or the breeze that was blowing the leaves around me across the dull sidewalk, almost like they were little kids running around playing tag.  I jumped when I heard the door behind me slam shut; I turned quickly to see who it was.  Cole stood there in the sun as it rested on his skin giving him a soft honey glow, and a sleek shine through his dirty blond hair.  His face was in even more pain then it had been before, his green blue eyes filled with water, as he sniffed a little.  He put his hands in his pocket and walked across the street to the cemetery.  I followed him wondering where he was going, to my surprise he came to the angel statue I had always looked at when I was visiting shadow lake cemetery.  She was the one statue that stood out the most and the poem written on her was just divine.  I sighed as I continued to follow Cole knowing where he was headed.  I stood away from him allowing sometime to himself as he visited the grave in front of him. 

“I wish he wouldn’t torture himself like this…”

I jumped looking around me trying to figure out who I heard.  A young boy about 18 or 19 stood in the sunlight, leaning against a statue, his hands in his pockets, and a smirk on his face.  Was I seeing two of Cole??  The figure standing there looked just like Cole… Having the same body structure as him, skin color, and that dirty blond hair I went wacko over.  The only difference was this guy was more broad and filled out, not so tall, and he had sky blue eyes that would brighten up any cloudy day.


I said my eyes going wide.

“At your service mad’ dam…”

He said smiling and bowing in front of me.

Drew was always the theater type as well as the gentleman.  He stood up straight then allowing me to hug him.

“I’ve missed you so much Drew!”

“Yes, yes believe me I know…  You came by pretty much everyday and laid flowers down…”

“Well… I felt I needed too…”

He looked down and sighed pulling something out of his pocket.

“I believe Cole wanted you to have this…”

In his hand he gripped the dog tag that was once his, the worn out piece of metal was of great value to the both of them.

“I can’t Drew…”

“Cole wanted you to have it Avery…  We would both feel better if you kept it…”

I sighed taking it and holding the old warn out piece in my hands, studying it carefully. 

“Besides I already having something of value that Cole gave me when it was my time.”

He healed up his hand showing off something twinkling once the sun shined on it highlighting the shape of a baseball….

“Cole was a baseball player for the longest time…  His couch gave it to him when Cole dislocated his right shoulder…  Pretty much never allowing him to play baseball again…  This ring meant a lot to him… He never took it off…”

I could see in hurt Drew having it, knowing that Cole would never be able to see it again.  Drew sighed rubbing his fingertip over it as if water had dropped onto it.  Drew’s face went to pain as he heard Cole’s anger rip through the cemetery, echoing off the trees.

“I wish there was something I could do…”

Drew said looking down.  I noticed a figure standing by a willow tree recognizing that is was Devin.

“Come on Drew we should leave them alone… Devin has it under control…”

Drew sighed and nodded as we left Cole and Devin behind us. 

            I studied Drew as he starred off into space, his eyebrows narrowing.  We sat there quietly in the cemetery, lying back in the grass.  Questions had been going through my head that I wanted to ask, but I felt it wasn’t important right now.  I propped myself up on an elbow as Drew sat up, his knees pulled up, and his forearms resting on his knees.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked hearing the concern rise in my voice. 

Drew sighed again and started tracing his knee.

“Don’t worry about it…”

“Your sure…?”

“Ya… we better go Cole and Devin are heading home now…”

Drew said helping me up.  I patted the back of my pants, getting ride of any dirt, or grass.  Drew rolled his eyes, and smirked.

“Typical girl.”

            We came to Cole and Drew’s house.  It was a rather big house in my eyes; being made of stone, and having vines going up the side of it all the way up to the top window.  Outside of the house stood a cherry blossom tree, it was in full bloom leaving behind a trail of petals along the sidewalk to the door.  It was a house I wished I had lived in…  Drew sighed before vanishing through the door.  Well let’s see if this works, closing my eyes I stepped through the closed door waiting to feel some sort of sharp pain rip through my face. 

“What are you doing?”

I heard Drew ask his eyebrows narrowing, as he focused on me.

I opened my eyes seeing Drew standing in front of me, and finding that I was inside his house…  The smell of a fresh coat of paint took over my nose, making it scrunch up at the bridge.

“Oh umm… I didn’t know if I could walk through walls…”

I said half smiling. 

Drew shook his head and clicked his tongue.

“Boy Ava you sure do have a lot to learn about the after life… Thank god you have me to help you.”

I smiled at him suddenly realizing how much I had missed his sarcasm.  Drew lead me down the hall into the kitchen, every photo of him and Cole was a treasured memory.  I smiled at the photos when they were younger playing to gether, they really were all each other had.

“I wish she would take the photos down… She’s only hurting herself more and more everyday…”

Drew said focusing on the image of him, Cole, and their mother.  Their mother was pretty, having blue green colored eyes, and long wavy blond hair.  I could see where the two of them got their looks, and where Cole had gotten his amazing colored eyes.  I wish I could be that beautiful.

“Don’t think that…”

Confused I snapped my head over to Drew.

“You… You just…”

Drew bowed his head and forced a smile.

“Ya.  Avery please don’t criticize yourself… You’re beautiful…”

Feeling my face turn hot, my heart melted, and my ears soon began to burn.

“No I’m not…”

I said looking down and feeling tears build up.  I hated that word.  Completely hated it…

“Yes you are Avery…”

“Drew please can we not talk about this right now… We came here to check up on Cole… Not give me a speech on what I appear to be to you…”

Seeing that I hurt his feelings he went quiet and turned his back watching his brother, who seemed to be staring straight through Drew at a picture hanging up behind Drew’s body.  

Cole’s Side Z (A month later)

I gazed up at the ceiling, bored of what was appearing across the TV screen, the rainbow of colors forming a picture when put together.  It was hot outside, and no one I knew was home they were all out on vacation for the summer.  I sighed looking at the clock 1:30 it would be 8 hours from now until my mom walked through the door.  I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t feel like doing chores being too lazy to feel the need to do so.  I didn’t want to clean but I needed something to do, being quick to think of a place I hopped up from the couch, slipped on my shoes and grabbed my car keys.  Knowing quickly where to drive to I got in my blue ford f150 and drove to the mall.  I arrived at the Lloyd woodland mall, finding a parking spot close to the entrance.  I parked my truck and got out locking my doors, it had been a while since I had been to the mall.  Feeling like a little kid standing outside the doors to his school, questioning all the wonders that laid behind those big scary metal monster mouths, just wondering what his first day of kindergarten would be like…  But in this case the doors were automatic and it wasn’t school I was about to walk into… It was the mall the one place where couples went to show each other off like trophies, the one place where what you looked like mattered to everyone, the one place where digits were swapped, and the one place I shouldn’t even of come…  Walking into the mall I breathe a whiff of courtyard food, the smell made me feel sick to my stomach…  Holding my breath I quickly walked through feeling relieved no one had saw me that may have known me.  I sighed seeing sweet tooth delight’s snack shop was still open.  The place Drew and I had always gone too every time we came here together during the summer.  Shaking the thought quickly out of my head I walked towards the little lounge area, in the mood to people watch, and drink a warm cup of French vanilla hot chocolate.  Picking a good spot I sat down in a big red chair, sinking into the cushion as I plopped myself down.  Taking a sip of my favorite drink I eyed a store I had always gone into…  Dare to wear had everything in it, and some of the most awkward of clothes you could probably find inside a mall.  Smiling at my own thoughts I remembered that’s where I had first set eyes on Avery…  She was with her friends goofing around she looked stunning in jeans and a white and black baby doll shirt.  She was happy…  Her eyes had been bright, and her hair was shiny and out of her face.  She had tried on a big purple hat that looked like it had come out of a Dr. Seuss book.  But she made it look good…  I had gone in looking for new school clothes with some friends when they lead me over to her, and pushed me into her causing her to nearly fall over.  I panicked not knowing what to say…


Was all I managed to get myself to blurt out she smiled and shook her head.

“No… No you’re fine it’s crowded in here anyways… Hi I’m Avery.”

She said causing me to panic more, I couldn’t help but stare at her she was beautiful.  She tilted her head to the side waiting for me to respond.  Realizing I hadn’t said anything for 15 minutes I gulped down a big breath.

“I’m Cole…”

Was all I managed to even get out.

“Nice meeting you Cole… I guess I’ll be seeing you around… I gotta go now… Bye…”

Blinking I got up and threw my paper cup away, putting my hands into my pockets, and looking down at my feet; I walked back to my truck.  I wish it hadn’t been a goodbye…

         “Oh hey Cole! I was wondering where you had gone… You didn’t leave a note or anything… You gave me a scare!”

I heard my mother chant as I walked through the door, slowly closing it behind me.

“I went out…”

“It’s fine Cole just next time please leave me a note so I’m aware… But on the bright side you got a package in the mail, it’s sitting in your room on your desk.”

A package… Who could that be from?  Curious on who it was from I walked into my room, closing the door behind me, and walking over to my desk finding a package wrapped in brown paper…  It was neatly done, and had no address saying who it was from just scribbled on it was my name and address.  Picking it up I shook it hearing not much of anything inside I walked over to my bed and sat down at the edge still holding the box.  Well Cole are you going to open it or not…  I began tearing the paper off slowly, revealing an old shoebox.  Once I got all the paper off I stared at it, kinda scared to find out what lied inside…  What if it was a bomb!  What if someone was trying to kill me!!  With these thoughts circling in my mind, I got up slowly and gently set the box down on my bed.  I crouched down and popped the top off closing my eyes.  Nothing happened…  Hmm…  I guess it’s not a bomb.  Peeking over the top of it I found letters… Sighing I sat down taking one of the letters out, it was the first one sitting on top. 


                   I know you’ll be receiving this soon…  I just wanted to inform you that in this box lay’s Avery’s diary…  I’m not sure how kids around the school got a hold of it… I think it says in one of the letters… I’m not sure I didn’t make it through all the letters too depressing honestly.  But the letters are from the kids that have already received the diary.  You’re the last one Cole…  And it was meant to be that way…  Everyone knows now about Avery’s life, everything that happened in it…  And….  Never mind I wont say it’s for you to find out Cole…  Once you are done reading it you can do with it what you please…  It is Avery’s not ours…  But please Cole all I ask is for you to not do anything stupid after you read her secrets…  PROMISE ME COLE!!  And I want you to know I’m always here for you if you need me…


Devin had always had good handwriting… Neater then mine…  I wonder why he wants me to promise I wont do anything stupid…  I’m not one to do stupid idiotic things just out of the blue.  I still couldn’t believe Avery’s diary was sitting right in my lap somewhere buried under all these letters…I knew it was going to be a lot of reading but I decided to read all the letters, not wanting to jump to the diary too quickly.  I sat Devin’s letter aside and picked up the next one getting ready to read it.



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