Pavement shadows

I couldn’t remember what it felt like to dream…. to sleep… to breathe… but she made it look so easy. So peaceful. I watched as her chest rose and fell softly, quietly… her eyelids flickered, and a smile spread across her light pink lips, knowing she was dreaming something wonderful made me glow inside… I sighed watching as a loose curl sprang down across her peaceful face, I smiled brushing the platinum curl back to the side, freezing when she stirred… nah I knew better she couldn’t have felt my touch… I shook my head getting the thought to crumble into pieces as I took a step back her lips twitched up into a smile, and she spoke softly quietly… almost to the point you had to strain to hear the words… my stomach went into knots as I felt it go to my knees… my mouth became dry, and my eyes flared  with curiousity, passion.  She had spoken my name.

>>>To read more go to my wattpad (moonrise22)<<<


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