These Pictures

I sighed closing my eyes feeling the warm sun hit my skin, warming me from head to toes, making the hairs stand on my arms welcoming the warmth, goosebumps spreading slowly.  The scent of flowers and cologne welcome my nose to take deeper and longer inhales, a voice speaks to me and asks if I’m okay…

“I’m okay.”

I respond out loud not realizing I had just spoken aloud, to absolutely no one…  The funny thing about pictures is you can remember exactly when, where, and who it was taken with…  Down to the very feeling you felt that day when taking it..  Pictures can have not only memories, but send a simple warmth to those you may not see on a day to day basis…  Knowing that they too are thinking of you that exact moment you send them the simple memory…  They may even remember the day just as well as you do.  Giving you both a calmness and closeness you both desperately needed…  Being so far away…

>Did you get it?

I typed onto the screen of my phone, and pressing send watching as the little box zoomed out to the screen on the other end, and waiting for the response.  Minutes went by and I chewed on my bottom lip anxiously waiting for the response, only to jump once the ding vibrated through my ears, and the message appeared in front of me.

>>Sorry zoned out…  I remember that day like it was just yesterday…

My eyes blurred attempting to hold back tears as the memory from the picture seemed to play on and on like a movie.

>I do too.

I sighed finally texting back and pressing send.  My phone buzzed and chirped immediately in response.

>>I miss you.

I smiled allowing the tears to finally fall and responded, fumbling over the right keys to press as I typed,

>I miss you too.



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