Raised By Wolves By Jennifer Lynn Barnes Book Review


This is a book review for the series Raised By Wolves By Jennifer Lynn Barnes :]]  white-rabbit-hi

This series right here is by far my absolute fav!!! I’ve read it five times now never getting bored of it, and each time I read it Barnes never seems to bore me.  I’m on edge, gripping the pages, hooked, and finishing it within an hour.  The heartbreak, loss, friendship, close nit family of Cullum’s pack and Bryns protective friends holds close to my heart.  This series made me fall in love with the outlooks and the paranormal world of the werewolf.  I love how her wolves were actual wolves with the humans mind inside as they shifted, they still felt, saw, and thought as human.  Not like your mythical werewolves that walk around on two legs shifting only on a full moon.  I enjoyed this series so much it actually inspired me to write my own series :]] I’ve always loved writing but never knew what to write about, or how to start.  With Raised by wolves peeking my interest I finally knew what to write about, my own paranormal world on shifters, without ever discovering or reading Raised by wolves, I would have never unlocked my full potential, or my work on writing an actual book.  {still being worked on as we speak]  Let alone a series I never would have thought I was capable of writing , her world has opened my own world :]]]]  Definitely 5 stars go here! *****


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