Through The Rabbit Hole

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“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”- Lewis Carroll

My ears twitched as a twig snapped somewhere from behind me, I was being watched.  Slowly making my way to my burrow, I acted on instinct and ignored whoever it was that was watching me…  To cleverly out clever someone you must always be ready at all times for whatever may lay in your path, or in this case behind your path.  “Gotcha!” The fox chirped barreling out from behind bushes.  “Not today Kit!”  I shouted kicking my back legs and sprinting towards my burrow, tucking my ears down, and flattening my body as I zipped down it.  “You cheated Albert!” I heard the foxes frustrated whines, as he tried to dig his way through the opening of my home.  “No, not cheated Kit.  Just simply out smarted you.”  I chirped back turning my back and slowly making my way through the burrow.  The fox chirped again out of frustration, finally coming to his own realization I wasn’t coming back out for the morning, “See you in the afternoon Albert! Papas calling me.”  At that he left.  Some may think it odd to be friend a fox, after all they do hunt rabbits.  But in my world its really not odd at all.  Whats odd is being the only albino rabbit to exist, my red eyes often glowing and luring predators away.  They often called me a blessing and a curse.  So instead of hunting me they’ve respected me, come to me often to merely babysit their young, teaching them to hunt.

My mind raced as I made it through the small dark tunnel, the earth cold and wet under my paws, roots twisting and turning snagging against my fur, familiar scents pinching my nose; I was close. My nose twitched as the scent of cherry and tea made its way around me, I could see the suns rays peaking through the hole at the end of the tunnel, the warmth making my limbs giddy with joy.  Being cautious at first I sat debating, my nose twitching, whiskers spread out taking in the warmth of the rays, almost egging me onto just poke my head out for a peek.  “I know your there Albert.”  A voice spoke pleasantly.  “So what if I am?” I spoke itching my nose closer to the exit, to the scent now making my nose dance.  “Your late.”  The voice spoke again holding back a suppressed laugh.  “So what if I am late?” I asked again this time poking my head a little out of the burrow to look my guest in the eye.  “Today’s special Albert.” He spoke with a grin.  “How special?” I asked trading my nose for my ears. now poking out of the burrow listening to his explanation.  “Today’s the day we allow others to imagine a world as crazy as it maybe, to come down your rabbit hole and experience the thrill of their own dreams.”  He spoke clapping his hands, the noise bouncing against my ear drums.  “Ahhh, a very special day indeed.”  I bounced coming into full view and eyeing a dandelion just infront of me.  “Hatter? Do you think their minds will be able to open up to the possibilities? To allow their imaginations to run freely?”  I asked munching on the little yellow weed.  “Anything is possible.  You just have to allow your creative juices to flow, and to simply allow the unthinkable to happen.”  He spoke pulling a teacup from under his hat.  “Well in that case I’ll go fetch our fellow dreamers and bring them to a world where a Mad Hatter can become your best of friend.”  I said turning and heading my way back to my burrow.  ‘A friend who believes a world can really be just anything.”  I added twitching my nose.  ‘I’ll be waiting Albert, with some tea when you arrive back soon.”  Hatter smiled now tipping his hat to me.  white-rabbit-hi